Woolfe - The Red Hood Diaries - Достижения


Axe Juggler
Discover all combo's

Bad Listener
Drown right after Red tells you she can't swim.

Kill 20 Fairies.

Deus Axe Machina
Find Reds axe

Do a barrel roll

Grandma knows best
Defeat Woolfe and listen to what Grandma has to say.

I've got your back!
Kill 100 kickstarter backers.

Not on my watch!
Kill a Tesla guard

Of rats and men
Defeat the big rat.

Escape the guards without dying.

Quicker than GRIN
Be quicker than the dev's and finish A Forest Adrift in less then 4 minutes and 56 seconds

Kill 50 rats.

Running with the wolves
Chase Woolfe through the woods without dying.

Thanks for sharpening my axe there
Finish the harbour on hard.

The Real Rodent
Defeat the Pied Piper

Time for a break
Visit the outhouse in the Forest Adrift

What big ears you have!
Unlock 18 diary entries.

What big eyes you have!
Unlock 6 diary entries.

What big teeth you have!
Unlock 36 diary entries

Woolfe's Cry
Defeat Woolfe on hard.

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