The Age of Decadence

Патчи Age of Decadence 1-3


Update 1:


  • New Path: Praetor can get a strong poison for the mine from Dellar.
  • Added better cape icons.
  • Added healer and blacksmith fast travel points on the maps.
  • Improved the map quest’s flow. If you couldn't talk to Antidas about it, you can talk to Abukar and he’ll send you to Domitius.
  • Changed Hellgate lasers generators’ position, lockpick required, disabling gives civic SP. You can disable them without going through lasers first.


  • Fixed minor journal issues.
  • Fixed issue with Hector’s quest when you met him via Claudia.
  • Fixed issue with being transported to Senna's house when you talk with him at the palace.
  • Fixed issue with the blank slide in Maaadoran endings.
  • Fixed issue with HD achievement and blowing up Al-Akia.
  • Fixed TG fence in GNZ having no items.
  • Added a few missing combat SP.
  • Fixed issue with Hellgate’s constructs not activating.
  • Fixed issue with the bolter and aimed attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue in monastery storm walls fight.
  • Fixed issue with animation speed setting not applying.
  • Fixed rare start-up issues.


  • Tweaked reputations in Teron.
  • Tweaked Praetor’s monetary rewards.
  • Thieves in TG2 have more arrows.
  • CS partial failure with mine guard lowers his HP by 20 (was 10).
  • All players start with some basic crafting schematics.

Combat Balance:

  • Bash has better chance to knock down.
  • Constructs have slightly bigger CS chance, lowered damage.

Update 2:


  • Added a conversation with a loremaster in Ganezzar tavern.
  • Added conversation with Darista after AG questline is finished by siding with Hamza.
  • Continued Basil's questline, with extra fights and monetary rewards.
  • Added 3 contenders for the arena championship.
  • Added more training opportunities, especially when part of a faction.
  • Added a capes trader in Maadoran.
  • Added open hoods to several NPCs (like Varro).
  • Right click on slot selects weapon.


  • Fixed random crash on level switch after extended play.
  • Fixed building collision on Maadoran slums.
  • Fixed SP exploit from fixing laser generators in HGT.
  • Fixed SP exploit with Livia if you first talk to her during TG3.
  • Fixed issue with Old Teron palace conversation triggering on MG Teron.
  • Fixed issue with "half-blocks" still getting secondary effects, like arm injury.
  • Fixed issue with looping troops training in IG6 under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with gem quest and fighting solution.
  • Fixed camera issue when talking with Hagnon's replacement in Ganezzar throne room.
  • Fixed issue with cellular regeneration triggering Carrinas temple ending.
  • Fixed issue with temple elevator not working when sent to see the lords under some conditions.
  • Fixed several narrative inconsistencies created by bugs.
  • Fixed issue with inferiae when returning via hole when the demon is alive.
  • Fixed issue with passability in Library chamber.


  • Agatai and Lucius training increase CS skill value if under 6, else +10 training rating.
  • If you fail sneak check during Mercato's ambush, you still get the other options instead of fighting.
  • Added "Nothing personal, just business" when killing Darista for Lorenza.
  • Monastery elder has lockbox key, as intended.
  • Made Quintus Brothel bigger.
  • Increased Arena monetary rewards.
  • Slightly reduced Saross prospector combat abilities.
  • Rebalanced speech checks in TG questline, generally lower, bigger influence of streetwise.
  • Increased size of arena in Caer-Tor, rebalanced fight against barbarians.
  • Tweaked traders inventories.
  • Slightly increase combat SP for several fights.
  • Tweaks to AG4: charisma + impersonate checks for sum, beggar path available without failing impersonate check.
  • Increased Barbari fight difficulty (arena).
  • Gave a dagger to Gaelius.

Combat Balance:

  • Poison only applies when damage is dealt (you don't lose the strike).
  • Bolas properly disable defensive skills.
  • Weak poison no longer overrides stronger poison.
  • Axe savage blow is 25% bonus (from 30%).
  • Improved bash cs chance, removed power bash.

Update 3:

A Stash!:

  • As requested, a stash to store your ill-gotten gains. Rent a room at any inn and get a magic chest that will follow you everywhere (i.e. to the inn in the next city).

Sneaking & Stealing:

  • As requested, more opportunities to ply your shady crafts. Stealing from sleeping inn patrons and merchant stalls is now a thing.

Spearman's Kit:

  • As requested, a one-handed spear with a longer reach. It comes with a fancy buckler, a well-crafted blue steel helmet that doesn't restrict your vision, and its current owner. Enjoy!
  • To get your hands on that kit you have to bravely enter a tavern in the Arena district and challenge a dreadful pirate currently terrorizing the peaceful patrons. Are you bad enough dude to save the patrons and claim the villain’s spear for yourself?

Trading Cards:

  • As requested, now you can trade cards and craft your very own badge (or two). Steam gave us hard time ensuring that the divine badge is up to the code and meets the highest requirements (shines like the North Star on a dark night), so hope you won't be disappointed.
  • One of the badges

Expanded Endings:

  • If you always wanted to know what the Zamedi demon is up to (and other memorable characters you've met on your journey), well, now you can. As requested.

Camera & Interface Resolutions:

  • As requested, the camera's code has been updated and now it's much smoother. Don't expect any miracles but it's better than before. Plus we added higher resolutions support for the interface.

Minor things:

  • Several new characters, text descriptions, bug fixes, improved textures and models, minor balance tweaks.


  • Скопировать файлы в корень установленной игры (пример: ''D:\The Age of Decadence"), setup.exe, setup-1.bin (по очереди, Update 1 на обычную версию, Update 2 на Update 1 и Update 3 на Update 2)
  • Запустить файл "setup.exe", выбрать нужную папку, и нажать Install(установить), дождаться окончания установки...
  • Скопировать все остальные файлы в корень установленной игры(пример ''D:\The Age of Decadence", иначе игра попросту не запустится), запустить и играть.
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