Armies of Exigo 30.11.2004

Armies of Exigo v1.2b


Патч исправляет несколько незначительных ошибок и вносит некоторые изменения в геймплей игры.
- High Priest encounter causes loss of sound on some PC configurations
- Incorrect error message after a multiplayer de-sync
- User is able to become stuck in Mission 7 of the Fallen Campaign
- Scenario Editor help file sometimes does not load correctly
- Show Ally And Neutral Info option not functioning correctly
- Custom Group Key bindings functioning incorrectly
- Option menu text truncated for some European languages (800x600 resolution)
- In certain instances, the game can crash to the desktop during the in-game cinema, where Princess Domina is killed being guided to the portal
- Scenario Editor - Giving Vision to ALL or ACTIVE players can cause a crash to the desktop
- A crash can occur if a player quits a GameSpy game session during the Start countdown and later rejoins a saved copy of that same game
- Loading a game that has multiple saves in Team Melee mode on Spitting Distance Map can crash the game
- Game locks up when including a shape-shifted Summoner in a group of Summoners and then attempting to Control Form
- Gamespy Lobby: Flooding a private chat room with one other user can crash the game
- In certain situations, observers were able to control all units on the map after assigning them to a Super Group
- Options > Game > Show Ally and Neutral Info toggle has no effect
- Hero Character becomes invulnerable after skipping Phoenix in-game cinema during Mission 9 of the Empire Campaign
- Buildings and researches unlocked by the Stone Keep Upgrade remain unlocked after the Stone Keep or Castle is destroyed
- Users watching replays of games while signed in to GameSpy appear to be available for chat in the GameSpy Lobby
- No error message is given if user attempts to save a replay when there is insufficient drive space
- As the "Collect 10,000 Wood" objective is completed, the objective "Keran Must Survive" is also completed. Despite that, if Keran does die, the mission cannot be finished.

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