Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Патч Battlefleet Gothic: Armada "1.1.7608c"

Changelog от 06.05.2016:

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug causing the torpedoes still on the battlefield to “fall” in the ending mission cutscene.
  • Possible fix for a crash involving the close defence turret system.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to move and rotate the camera while the Escap menu was open.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to use the special manoeuvres gauge after a “Mezoa Pattern Drive” engine critical damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing to open the shipyard again if the player closes it without buying a ship.
  • A comma has been added to the “Hull Integrity value” to display a correct number.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the Chaos missile pod turrets while a favour was placed on the ship.
  • Fixed an issue about some Eldar Upgrades misplaced in the Docks GUI.
  • Fixed a bug disabling the possibility to save/load campaign saves if certain characters were used in the name.
  • Fixed a bug that doesn’t triggers the cooldown of the “Reinforcement” Skill while in Automatic launch, allowing to use it twice, for guests.
  • Fixed a bug reducing the ship’s speed in case of engines destroyed if the generator security team upgrade was fitted.
  • Fixed a bug on the traktor kannon feedback which considers Space Stations and Defence Platforms to be valid targets.
  • Fixed a bug on the skills’ cooldown showing “0”, instead of refreshing the skill.
  • Fixed a bug that forbid the player to win the “Nemesis Destruction” reward correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that showed a wrong Feedback size for the Nova Cannon explosion.
  • Fixed a bug on the “Distress Signal” mission that gives a negative renown reward.
  • Possible fix of a crash caused by torpedoes.
  • Possible fix of a bug disabling the possibility for the guest to use his skills.
  • Fixed a bug allowing to see Tzeentch and Nurgle FX at the center of the map during the deployment phase.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Asteroid fields damage.
  • Fixed a bug on the Invitation button not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue that locked the camera out of the map without any possibility to recover the control of the camera.


  • New FX added to the Ork Mega Kannonz.
  • New FX added to the Disruptive Bomb.
  • New FX added to the Plasma Macro-Weapon projectile.
  • New FX added to the Zzap Kannon.
  • New FX added to Boardings.
  • New FX added to Augure Disruptor.
  • New FX added to the Plasma Bomb.
  • Imperial Navy Favor of Adeptus Mechanicus Color Pattern slightly improved.
  • Fixed the Melta torpedoes which had wrong 3D meshes.
  • Fixed a bug on the Warp FX in assassination.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong critical damages icons on some skills buttons.


  • Team chat now available using shift+enter.
  • A critical damage “Weapon” can now be seen on the torpedo skills if the torpedo launcher is destroyed.
  • An icon for a destroyed prow has been added. It will show as a critical damage if the prow of a ship is destroyed.


  • Matchmaking now takes account of your invisible Elo ranking to match you with a suitable opponent.


  • Various additions and modifications in texts.
  • Fixed a localization error on the Moving Camera inputs being in English in all language.
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