Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Патч Battlefleet Gothic: Armada "1.1.7796"

Changelog от 19.05.2016:


  • Custom Game Invitations - directly invite other players to participate in 1v1 and 2v2 custom games!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the recon beacon to take the ship’s current roll axis, which disturbed the shape of the detection range.
  • Fixed a bug causing Vandez’s ships in some campaign missions to appear outside of the battlefield and to have a strange behavior.
  • Fixed a bug causing a malfunction in dialogues at the end of the following campaign missions: “The green threat”, “Seize the plans” and “Holding on to Hand”.
  • Fixed a bug deactivating the “Stasis Bomb” skill on defence platforms in Planetary Assault missions.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from ordering two consecutive “All Ahead Full” maneuvers on two different ships if the second ship was selected too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player from fitting the Disruptive Bomb on an Aurora Eldar ship.
  • Fixed a bug causing a difference in Renown points between the announced gains in the briefing and the actual gains in the Battle Report.
  • Fixed a bug showing the critically damaged parts of a ship while it is in blip status, if the critical damage happened while it was in blip status.
  • Fixed a bug hiding the battlefield grid during the campaign mission “The Hunt”.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the ship to warp out of the battlefield while exploding.
  • Suppression of a Debug message showing when the Level 8 Admirals and Level 10 ships achievements were unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug causing a dialogue box in turn 33 to have the wrong voice acting.
  • Possible fix of a bug breaking down player groups when they come back to the Docks.
  • Fixed a bug sending the player on the stellar map at the end of the destruction of the Eldar portal cutscene at turn 23.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the guest of a multiplayer match to use the 5th skill of an imperial battleship fitted with the Adeptus Mechanicus Favor.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to see the Space Station and Defence platforms during the starting missions cutscenes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the forced disengagement of campaign units.
  • Fixed a bug affecting the size of the IA choices arrows in the Pregame lobby.
  • Suppressed a crash caused by Tooltips without buttons.
  • Fixed a bug causing a cancelled replacement of a ship to unfit all its upgrades and skills.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the chat linked to Shift + Enter to open while Ingame.
  • Fixed a bug causing the battlefield to be slightly bigger than the grid, and slightly off center.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the player to go back from the “load” screen of the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug allowing a player that tried to deploy ships outside of the battlefield to make them appear at the center of the map.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to select any ship in the pregame of the tutorial 2 “Test of Faith”
  • Fixed a bug causing the control group of a taunted ship to stop responding to the player’s orders.


  • Fixed a bug forcing the “A new bombardment mission has appeared” to stay if the player accomplishes this objective too quickly.
  • Possible fix on a bug showing to the guest the Ingame GUI during the start mission cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug forbidding the player to click on a small zone right above the GUI at the bottom of the screen to validate the use of skills or special maneuvers.
  • Fixed a bug giving to the “Reinforcement” Eldar skill the wrong icon.
  • Fixed a bug giving to the “Grot Assistance” Ork skill a wrong name in its Docks tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug causing an Augur Disruptor skill fitted on an Aurora or Eclipse Eldar ship to have the Pulsar’s icon instead in the ship’s card.
  • Fixed a bug giving an imperial captain portrait to Ork transport ships.
  • Skills now displays their shortcuts on their buttons.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the values modified by crew members to actualize themselves if the player reconditioned its ship.
  • Fixed a bug showing critical damage icons on all skills when a ship is warping out.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong icon for the Prow Light Torpedo Launcher Eldar.


  • Plasma Macro weapon’s projectile FX slightly modified to ease faction identification.
  • Wind of Change’s FX slightly modified.
  • Minor tweaks on blue maps backgrounds to make some Skills’ FX more visible.
  • Disruptive Bomb FX slightly modified.
  • The Ship’s reactors now take into account the roll axis of the ship.
  • Fixed a bug on Holofield Overcharge, Winds of Change, and Warp Signature Echo, causing them to have the wrong critical icon.
  • Space Stations shields FX now spherical.
  • Fixed bugs on the Mark of Tzeentch favour FX: A destroyed ship had its Tzeentch FX misplaced, if you switched ships in the dock, the destroyed Tzeentch ship disappeared, leaving the FX, and the Tzeentch FX were always visible around a ship lost in warp.
  • Minor retakes on planets textures.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes hiding the shield FX during the Supercharged Void Shield skill on Chaos ships.
  • Fixed a bug on the Desolator Chaos ship with favors Nurgle, Slaneesh or Tzeentch causing it to have wrong body parts.
  • The Background color of admiral’s name in the deployment phase depends on if it is an ally or an enemy.
  • Possible fix on a visual bug of the Voidstalker’s top prow.
  • Fixed a bug displaying the wrong 3D mesh for the Eldar Space Station’s Starcannons.


  • If a ship loses a subsystem while being furtive, the wreckages generated by the explosion are no longer visible by the enemy.
  • Minefields can no longer appear under 2.500 units from the deployment zones.
  • The host of a group can no longer launch a new search for a match if his guest isn’t returned to the Docks.
  • Running Silent and Wind of Change now have the same auto-launch conditions.
  • The Escape menu now features a “Retry” option. This button is unavailable in Iron Man mode.
  • Optimization on starting mission cutscenes of Eldar and Ork Factions.
  • New GUI during the deployment phase depending on the faction played.
  • A blinking “!” is now displayed in a new tutorial box.


  • Modifications to the “Counter-Attack” and “Resistance” campaign missions in order to improve their balancing.
  • The bonuses and maluses on accuracy have been reworked, to be more easily understandable.
  • The campaign in Easy difficulty has a new modification: Enemy ships now deal -10% damages.
  • The Goff favor no longer gives +10 troop value.
  • Corrections brought to the enemy’s fleet points empowerment through the campaign.
  • Spire cannot suffer critical damage and the enemy ships cannot use skills anymore in Tutorial 1.
  • The WAAAAGH and Micro-Warp Jump skills do not reveal the ship anymore.
  • In the “Trouble with the Eldar” campaign mission, The Eldar behavior follow the “Cruiser Clash” rules instead of the “Assassination” behavior, making the mission easier.


  • Various modifications to texts and tooltips.
  • A message is now displayed in 2v2 if an ally is disconnected in the docks, asking the player to wait its ally’s return.
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