Black & White


Black and White: Trainer (English)


Run the supplied DTBlackandWhiteTrainer when the game is

started. Each box controls a different aspect of the trainer:

- Creature infinite damage

This freezes the damage of your creature (as displayed

when pressing C).

(torture it as long as you feel like :)

- Creature never tired

This freezes the tiredness of your creature.

(yap, no more lazyness!)

- Creature never hungry

This freezes the hunger of your creature.

(no more feeding of the little bastard)

- Town infinite food

This freezes the number of food in the town.

(remember that each different stack of food you make

is also frozen!)

- Town infinite wood

This freezes the number of wood in the town.

(same applies as with food)

- Town villagers immortal

This makes your villagers erm... immortal!

(throw them around whenever you feel like :)

- Combatkey on

Ok, this only works when you are in combat with

another creature.

If this is checked then pressing F12 once(!) will let all

damage you or your opponent get in the combat be ADDED

instead of subtracted.

Best way to use this is to dodge a little

so your creature will get beaten until your damage

level is up again, then press F12 again (once)

and beat the shit out of your opponent :)

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