Championship Manager 03-04 v4.1.2



You can now turn off the function which moves TV matches so that all matches
are kept on the same day. Great for network / internet games!
Added financial status to the job info screen / fixed display of financial status
on team screen
You can now view your friendly matches when the assistant manager takes control.

Improved international squad selection AI
Improved chances of famous ex players being appointed as managers
Improved 2d highlight storage AI
some reasonably big games were being thrown away too quickly
Players now give dates for retirments, and inform you if they change their mind
at the last momentm, also inform you when they have retired
Normalised the number of training and match injuries.
Computer teams should now not offer for any foreign players if they already
have the maximum number allowed.
Can't declare interests in jobs you can't manage
Stoped freeing players who had already agreed to leave for another team on a
Human managers now find it slightly easier to apply and get lower league jobs.

Players won't announce that they are looking for a transfer away from a club
they are at loan to
Award hotlinks now work correctly.
Fixed an add/remove to shortlist problem on the player screen.
Fixed problem with injured players being left out of international squads regardless
of how long before they are fit
Fixed problem where sub keepers were missing out on a clean sheet credit in
their stats
Fixed crash when viewing a Kosavar player's history.
Fixed problem in network game when user continues the game while in a person
screen. The game used to not allow various other buttons to be used.
Fixed problem when "Approach to sign" option is removed as soon as
the user goes into a contract offer screen for a player.


Replays now work when watching a match in full.
After a replay is shown, the last panel viewed is now shown again instead of
the match incidents panel.
Stopped some Serie C games being played in the background erroneously

Match AI

Fixed "12 men on pitch" issue
Improved referee use of advantage eg if clean through etc
Cut down on stupid backpasses
Made attacking players more competitive in the air
Tuned goal awards a little
Tuned content of key highlights
Tuned balance between long ball, short passing, gung ho, ultra defensive etc

Tuned number of match injuries and made more dependent on player injury proneness

Tuned match ratings for defenders
Tuned effect of lower player condition
Improved non-human manager tactical decision AI
Improved offside AI, but the changes needed to make passive offside work 100%
must wait for 0405
Improved goalie AI in various areas
Improved player AI when picking up moving but loose ball
they would occasionally move to the wrong place before
Improved AI used to decide if players will cover for each other when out of
Improved player marking AI
Improved player closing down opponents AI
Fixed central defender condition bug
Fixed stupidly slow wait for throw ins when team chasing game
Fixed problem where some throw ins seemed to be taken as if "on the moon"

Fixed problem with weak headed attempts on goal
Fixed obscure problem where user would get about 5 continuous minutes of unimportant
non 2d commentary in key highlights
Fixed strange ball movement around goal line on some shots


Third place playoff in singaporean cup removed.
Polish second division relegation playoffs updated.
Danish super cup added.
Greek cup final venues updated.
Some UEFA Cup teams were not being put into the correct rounds.
Czech Republic teams now use squad numbers.
Loan limit removed for Spanish teams.
Australian work permits fixed.
OFC nations cup winner and runner-up get bye in world cup qualification.
TV money for Brazilian state leagues.
Asian Nations Cup now works after 2004 competition.
European Championship qualifiers now use the silver goal rule for the playoffs.

Correct teams entered for the African Cup of Nations 2004.
The cup draw view now shows " or" instead of just "" when
there is a team 2 present for the away side.
Tuned attendances for Olympic Games.
African Challenge cup changes
South African teams kept apart and host stadium is used.
Fixed international date clash with UEFA Cup 1st round 2nd leg date in October
from 2004 onwards.
Fixed a problem with some Hong Kong club board expectations.
Fixed some league dates for the Czech Republic divisions.
Fixed game freeze when looking at Brazilian Sao Paulo 3rd placed teams table.


Increased Japanese club sponsorship amounts
Tuned wage requests for foreign players in Australia


Limited the number of non shortlisted players offered in exchange to human
clubs to one per deal
Teams getting players on part exchange now have to wait for a transfer window.

Raised valuations of Greek players by 33%
Tuned wage requests for unknown players
Tuned wage requests for players in minor leagues
Reduced valuations of players from Hungary
Players with future transfer fee clauses playing in Inactive leagues now get
processed correctly.

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