Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy: Savegame Editor (English)


Description: This program edits a Disciples 2 Dark Prohecy savegame it edits quicksave by default. It maximizes human players resources (9999). It maximizes a hero's and all his units XP to 5000. Gives heroes 99 movement points for that game. two ways to run the program: just run it in your disciples 2 savegame directory. (it will edit your quicksave.sg by default) then type in each heroes name that you want to edit. Type q to quit. OR run it from commandline with the following parameters: D2DPEditor ... eg. D2DPEditor QuickSave.sg Xavier Arthur This will automatically edit those heroes in the savegame file and maximize their resources. Warning: Please backup any savegame file before editing.

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