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Guild Wars: Mesmer Guide (English)


The Mesmer is a class that is unique to the world of Guild Wars. Although it borrows from classic elements of Illusion and Manipulation Magic in other fantasy genres, the Mesmer class as a whole is a subtle combination of magic as an artform, a force to be controlled and composed. Mesmers resemble thespians of the classical kind, harkening back to stage actors, gypsies, and jesters. But their magic is far from only performance art. The heart of Mesmer magic is the control of Energy and the ability to turn an enemy's magic against itself.

The name Mesmer probably comes from the word "mesmerize", which in turn comes from the name of German physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815), who discovered what he called "animal magnetism" and others often called mesmerism, the precursor to hypnosis. Indeed, the Mesmer seems to be able to manipulate its opponents in subtle and unusual ways, similar to hypnosis.

The Mesmer is probably the most challenging class to play in Guild Wars. Many of their strengths require much skill and quick timing on the part of the player. If you enjoy shutting down other spellcasters, countering their every move with subtlety and finesse, you will enjoy playing a Mesmer.

I am writing this guide as a personal challenge to create the best Mesmer guide that I possibly can. By no means will this guide be a definitive final word, especially for a class as complex and subtle as the Mesmer. I will do my best to keep this guide up-to-date, but there are hundreds of ways to play a Mesmer and thus one should read this guide with an critical, but open, mind.


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