Hunter: Call of the Wild "Update 1.3"

Hello Hunters,

Patch 1.3 has just been released, so let’s have a look at what’s inside.

Skills & Perks Re-specialisation
You can now reset your spent skills and perk points to better customize your character. Choosing the right skills and perks is vital for every hunter, so there is a cost attached to resetting your points. We hope you like the addition of this feature and are looking forward to your feedback.

Exit to Main Menu
Our intention was to bring an “Exit to Main Menu” option to the game with today’s patch but it is unfortunately not ready yet. We are aware that this feature is requested, we just need a bit more time to guarantee that it works flawlessly.

Freezes, Clues and Stability
We optimized the clue system to improve performance, as well as eliminate disappearing clues and crashes. Work will continue in this area, so please let us know your feedback regarding the new version.

Better data collection has been added in case of freezes which will help us to get the information we need. Freezes will most likely result in crashes now, and that information will be sent to us so we can work on fixing them permanently.

Screen space reflections are now enabled by default for “medium” and “low” graphics settings. This should help players who have trouble starting the game. You can still disable this option in the graphics settings for better performance (it affects water reflections).

Ammunition has undergone another round of tweaking and costs have been decreased.

As always, you can find the list of fixes below to get the full overview. We’ll continue our work and talk to you soon again!

Happy Hunting,

theHunter: Call of the Wild Team



  • Added re-specialisation of Skills and Perks
  • Clues now correctly despawn after fast traveling
  • Corrected expansion and penetration stats for soft point and polymeric tip rifle ammunition
  • Fix for “Connor - Lost Words” if you find the notebook before finishing the first objective
  • Reduced cost of ammunition

User Interface:

  • Fixed interactions with Hunting Stands
  • Various localisation fixes

Stability & Performance:

  • Enabled screen space reflections (water reflections) by default on medium and low graphics settings
  • Improved data collection on deadlocks (freezes)
  • Mini map performance optimization
  • Various crash fixes


  • Improved synchronization of all weapon reload animations


  • Added credits
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