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Не качайте, там вирусня 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Character selection: Fixed a crash issue.
* Vampiress: Fixed an issue with the Vampiress giving out more
damage at night or when in dungeons.
* Extras: Fixed an issue where the Intro movie would loop
endlessly when selected from the main menu screen under
* Exploit: Fixed some exploit bugs where an endless amount of EXP
could be gained when quests were not properly finished.
* Exploit: Fixed item duplication exploit.
* Questlog: Display improved by separating the Res and Dmg
* Battle Mage: Fixed an issue where EXP was not gained through
the Mage's Chain Lightning spell.
* Battle Mage: Fireball will now have increased speed depending
onspell level.
* Seraphim: Energy bolt bug fixed where changing weapons while
casting the spell caused an unwanted animation sequence of the
* Seraphim: A missing Seraphim effect now fixed.
* Dark Elf: Dual Weapon bug fixed.
* Gladiator: Fixed Feac's Upper Body Armor display bug.
* Balancing: Opponents that do not give much EXP are now easier
to kill relative to the EXP gain.
* Items: Special Item? 'Kill on Sight' no longer gives EXP and
now rarely loots opponents.
* Items: Skulls now only have a max level of 5, skulls which
were over level 5 have now been reduced to level 5.
* Horses: Horses now leave footprints.
* Quests: Timer for finished quests are now ignored.
* NPCs: Fixed an issue where some quest NPCs could die when
certain combat skills were used on them.
* Quests: Fixed an issue where some quests could not be completed
while on horseback.
* Quests: Fixed an issue where some dynamic quests could not be
started in Act II and Act III.
* Items: Gameboxes have now been replaced with Silver Blossoms.
* Quests: Fixed some quests where the map was not shown in the
* Settings: Settings.cfg now has a new line called WARNING_LEVEL
where a setting of 0-100 can be used. Standard is "25" making
the portrait flash once 25% or less of your current has been
* Balance: Fixed an EXP share issue in single player, but mainly
in multiplayer parties where characters were either receiving
too much or not enough EXP.

Main Quest Fixes

* Fixed an issue where the ice giants would not appear when the
player came to Icecreek Dale through the Portal.
* Fixed the Icecreek Dale issue where the player could go into
the ibrary without talking to the Seraphim at the front of the
Monastery first.
* Fixed an issue where the wrong audio voice over was given when
entering Bravesbury.
* Fixed an NPC position when going through the Damn quest.
* Fixed an issue where DeMordrey now has a 'Boss Status'.
* Fixed an issue where closed doors did not remain closed while
fighting demons in the Demon Dungeon.
* Added 2 additional screams for Shaddar.
* Last questlog log is now only entered once objective completed.

Sub-Quest Fixes

* Fixed a quest in Bravesbury where the player can now enter the
Demon Cult quest indirectly.
* Fixed the "Soldiers take Wives" quest, which would fail when
the timer ran out even though the wife was already in the party.
* Fixed the display of the wrong item in the "Robin Hood Quest".
* Fixed an issue in the "Slaves of the Orcs" quest where the lost
items would not appear, these have been replaced with items
positioned in the right places.
* Fixed the issue where the third Scout could stop the quest from
being completed in the "Scouts from Ahil-Tar" quest.
* Fixed an issue where some NPCs did not have a dialog in the
"Hands of my Dragon" quest.
* Fixed an issue where the kidnapped novice in Silver Creek gave
no proper reward .
* Fixed an exp exploit where the "Lonely Soldier" would give EXP
everytime he was spoken to.
* Fixed an issue where the orc in the "Cowardly Dog" quest was
killed before he could reasonably be rescued.
* Various time restricted quests fixed where the quest failed and
the timer should have been stopped.

Multiplayer Fixes

* Whisper feature implemented with /w [NAME] TEXT where the name
* Help feature including different explanations when typing ?/?
* Gameserver: *Connection test successful* was shown even though
the test failed.
* Gameserver: Fixed various login/logout and reconnect bugs.
* Gameserver: Fixed an issue where the 16th player could not
connect to a 16 player server
* Fixed various exploit bugs which enabled players to get endless
* Fixed an issue where Shaddar would not appear on Campaign
* Fixed an issue where items would disappear. This no longer
* Fixed an Open net exploit where LAN characters could be
imported into Closed net.
* Fixed an issue where the loading of a LAN Savegame would cause
a Gameserver to crash.
* Gameservers optimised and use less RAM.
* Gameserver now show a status for logged in players; Blue -> in
lobby, Red -> Started connecting, Green -> just before
gamestart, Black -> ingame.
* Gameserver can now change the number of players to join without
* Gameserver will now send a message if the connection to the
lobby has been lost to all players (From that point on the
character will no longer be saved).
* Added player level display next to portrait.
* Added player level to network information (N) in brackets.
* Quick teleport is no longer possible when sitting on a horse.
* Fixed a misplaced compass in the "Relics of the Orcs" quest.
* Fixed an issue where the gate in Mascarell leading to Tyr-Fasul
could not be opened.
* Fixed an issue where the questlog would only show the start
quest for Gladiator.
* Fixed "Revenge of the Rich Merchant" quest exploit.
* Party 3 and Party 4 can now be created on Free Game servers.
* Fixes a large issue sub-quests which caused them not to finish
correctly (Does not apply to dynamic-quests or all sub-quests).
* Fixed some issues about rewards not being shared properly.

Lobby Fixes

* SYSTEM MESSAGE of people entering and leaving rooms removed.
* Chat lag error while in lobby and while ingame removed.
* Charname problem in OpenNet fixed (where
Accountname.accountname.accountname etc. was shown).
* Sometimes the wrong character class was shown in the lobby
character screen.
* Lobby character screen now expanded to display ClosedNet or
OpenNet as a text notice.
* Fixed an issue where ?Unknown Player? would be shown every now
and then.
* Fixed instability issues with Gameservers and these will now
only run under Windows 2000 and WindowsXP.
* Fixed various chat bugs in-game and in the lobby.
* Fixed an issue with locked and unlocked games not being shown
properly in the lobby.

General Fixes

* Fixed various copy protection issues where COMBO Drivers were
not accepted.
* Fixed the loading savegame issue which would occasionally take
too long to complete.
* Fixed an issue where some boss opponents would die directly or
would not die at all.
* Fixed extreme performance losses under Windows 98.