Sacred v1.7


Патч для английской версии игры.
Single and Multiplayer:
Main or side quest NPCs could sometimes be attacked, especially after the world has changed (Invasion of the Undead). This problem has been fixed.
Overflow when learning from runes (an increase in level above 255 led to level 0) has been fixed.
Picking up specific items with ALT + left click when there is a large number of items on the ground is now possible without difficulties.
Various errors with the main or side quests have been fixed.
Texts of law will no longer be inscribed into the Enemies category when they are read from a scroll or book.
All opponents will now have correct names (some bears were without a name, for example).
The display of the resistance icons has been fixed. On occasion, when an item with a resistance was equipped the corresponding icon would disappear.
Colors of item names have been adjusted.
On occasion, the horses of the Shaddar'Rim would appear to be without a rider.
The horse will now be correctly saved and it will pass on to the next difficulty level with your character.
A rarely occurring crash when an opponent came into line of sight has been fixed.
The effects of all special moves have now been fixed
(Critical blow, -3 % life when hit etc.)
All auras (i.e. after drinking a Potion of the Mentors) will now be gone after loading a character or a saved game.
Sometimes items would indefinitely flicker above the character's head when the inventory was full. This has been fixed.
A random crash that would occur when a spell was
cast on the team portrait has now been fixed.
Item names and damage values will now be displayed on the proper level (i.e. first floor, second floor, bridge).
The damage bonus given by statues will now count towards spells.
All opponents (for example Mountain Giants) should now have portraits in the logbook and the character statistics.
The properties of the fourth hireling will now be displayed correctly.
Wood Elf and Dark Elf can now wear their sunglasses (special item).
The bonus calculation of Quick as a Flash was not working as intended and it has now been fixed: So far, the speed was invariably set to 220 when casting this spell.
The character will no longer move while holding CTRL. This could happen when shooting at an opponent outside the line of sight (behind a tree for example).
The novice should no longer appear outside the barrier.
The list of sets in the inventory should no longer stretch to the outside of the screen when too many items of different sets have been equipped.
Opponents who have had Transformation cast on them will no longer hit normally.
Resistances of high-level opponents now work as intended.
Single player:
Bugs (i.e. missing quest items, dynamic quest NPCs could be attacked) in dynamic quests have been fixed.
The inventory will no longer alter (some player had people in their inventories).
The horse, which has to be saved in a dynamic quest has an icon now.
The tutorial window will no longer appear in the main menu when the game had been exited while the tutorial window was still open.
Bug of the tutorial window in conjunction with the logbook has been fixed.
All known exploits have been fixed.
The fog-of-war will now be saved with the character data. This means that the character will keep the already explored areas of the map in single player mode and in multiplayer mode (internet and LAN), even if he has not moved in the current game yet.
A bug, which caused character names to either disappear or swap in LAN or in ClosedNet ("Ascaron Net"), has been fixed.
The physical memory for characters has been increased. This will ensure that characters with lots of small objects in their inventory and their blue chest will now be saved
All known problems concerning routers and firewalls have been fixed.
Please note: If you want to play online you have to configure your router/firewall and open TCP ports 2005-2010 (default ports) as well as port 7064 (new lobby of Version 1.7) and port 12300 (old lobby of Version 1.6.6).
Default color will appear after colored character names: A red character name for example would cause everything that was written in the chat line after the character name to be in red. This will no longer happen; after the character's name, the chat line will switch back to the original color.
The colors indicating another character's distance from your own position will now work with colored character names.
When you left ClosedNet and went straight into OpenNet you were not able to create a game. This has been fixed.
Cabinets facing the wrong way will no longer appear in multiplayer mode.
Resurrection can no longer be cast on other players.
The rising of dead opponents has been fixed.
Sometimes a game would remain active despite of the message Connection lost. This has been fixed.
All known problems concerning horses in multiplayer mode have been fixed.
The rescued Seraphim in the starting region can no longer be hailed repeatedly in order to gain more runes.
The "Sort Items" feature has now been given a delay of two seconds. This has been done in order to prevent pressing the button repeatedly, which would cause lag.
Occasionally items disappeared from inventories or changed. This has been fixed.
Dragon fire will now be visible to all players on the server (so far it was only visible for the player who jumped to the dragon first.)
Opponents would not carry weapons in case a client entered a region or a sector first. This has been fixed..
On rare occasions some pieces of armor would not be displayed when a character logged in (for example, the mage's hood was invisible and he had to re-equip it.) This has been fixed.
Sporadically grey opponents would be created in regions (specific spawns accidentally received a team minimum level rather than the maximum level). This has been fixed.

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