Section 8: Prejudice


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STABILITY: - Fixed a crash that could occur when retrying to join a match after losing connection to LIVE - Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting an invite while a disconnection error message was displayed - Fixed a rare Lock-On crash that could occur during gameplay - Fixed a rare issue where player's controls could become unresponsive after performing a fatality MATCHMAKING: - Fixed an issue with not being able to see some servers in Custom Match - Changed the Server Clan search to only list servers running the specified game mode - Fixed an issue with Server Clan search not listing SOD servers - Fixed an issue where Quick Match would sometimes join an empty SOD server when there were populated servers available - Changed Quick Match to prefer joining an empty SOD server of the same region/language before a populated server of a different region/language - Changed Custom Match to hide empty SOD servers when Hide Empty is selected USABILITY - Fixed an issue with binding Shift as the Use key - Fixed an issue where the bot icon would be missing under System Link - Fixed an issue where the hintbar could disappear after disconnecting from the server - Fixed an issue where players would be unable to free spawn after cancelling a squad spawn - Improved the ability for the tank to fire over a slope - Added the ability for some Prejudice Online tweaks to be available when not connected to LIVE or Prejudice Online AUTOBALANCE - Changed Autobalance to more aggressively place you with Friends - Changed Private servers to force Autobalance off - Changed Ranked servers to allow Autobalance off - Changed Autobalance to allow a team size discrepancy of 2 (to facilitate getting Friends on the same team) GAMEPLAY - Changed the Friendly Fire to penalize napalm damage less than regular damage - Changed Overtime to constantly increase both team VP at the same rate (10% of maximum VP per minute) - Fixed an issue where the tank would fire an extra shot after exiting the driver seat - Fixed the Ball Hog achievement (Assault) to count CPs captured because of implicit turn end due to all defenders being killed STATS - Changed Swarm to implicitly be Ranked for PC Listen servers (provided difficulty is at least Medium) - Changed Badges to only allow earning each 2 times per match - Changed Repair and Auto Repair ScoreEvents to have a maximum per match (200) - Changed Repair Feat to have a maximum per match (66) - Changed Ranked Swarm to only require two human players - Fixed an issue where players could host a Ranked Swarm match on Trivial Difficulty (Medium is the minimum requirement) DEDICATED SERVER - Fixed an issue where the user configs would not work if there were trailing spaces on lines - Fixed an issue where SOD servers were not able to host certain game modes after rotating - Fixed some crashes related to hosting service server queries - Fixed an issue where the hosting service server query would return the incorrect max players for SOD servers - Fixed an issue starting SOD servers on virtual machines - Fixed an issue where SOD servers would become unplayable after being idle for more than a day