SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars

SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars 1.01 EU


Патч вносит в игру множество изменений, список которых представлен ниже:

- Rebalancing of the difficulty level for some Free Game Maps.

- Problems with auto detection of some NVidia FX graphic cards resolved.

- Occasional Desync. problems in multiplayer have been resolved.

- After finishing the campaign the player can now continue to play and journey stones are active again.

- AI improvements for skirmish and free game mode.
- Lip sync problems fixed (sentences will not be cut off).

- Animation glitches in multi player resolved.

- Errors in Morca Dialogue resolved.

- Chat messages are now colour coded by team colour.

- In the free game start screen only the maps appropriate for the avatar level are highlighted. You can still choose the greyed out maps if you want more or less of a challenge.

- Several localization bugs fixed.

- After loading a save game buildings are now sinking into the ground again slowly and not just vanishing.

- Sometimes spell effects would be displayed on a unit beyond the duration. This has been corrected.

- Overly long avatar names could cause crashes in free game and multiplayer. Avatar names are now limited.

- Random Access Violation Errors appearing have now been fixed.

- When changing to the main menu or changing a map game would crash in rare cases. This has been fixed.

- An Access Violation could appear when two characters where casting "Riposte" and met in melee. This has been fixed.

- After winning an internet game an Access Violation Error sometimes appeared. This has been resolved.

- Unhandled Exception Errors could appear when special combinations of defensive and offensive spells on several units interacted and the unit died during that time. This has been resolved.

- The boss enemy will now no longer appear when saving and loading after the final Cutscene.

- The Moon now has proper reflections on the water.

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