Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness - +6 Trainer (English)


Trainer Notes:


F1 - Add 10,000 To Money

F2 - Unlimited Ammo

F3 - Unlimited Endurance

F4 - Unlimited Health

F6 - Easy Kills

F7 - Stealth Mode (Note 1)

F8 - Resume All To Normal

General Notes:

Tomb raider has 3 different exes for different optimizations. Since these exes are not identical, a trainer made specifically for one exe will not work on the others. This trainer has been made to accompany all 3 exes. When you start the trainer, select which exe you run on your system.

For those that do not know what exe you are running, do the following:

Alt-Tab out from game ( to enable alt-tabbing, in game go to options=>video and press apply), bring up task manager, and look at the list of processes running.

The tomb raider exe will either be traod.exe, traod_p3.exe, or traod_p4.exe

Note 1:

When using this option, you will be invisible to the enemy. The moment you turn it off, they will recognize you immidiately.

Greets to nolimit and fatal

Install Notes:


1) Unpack to gamedir.

2) Run Trainer.

3) Select exe you are running

4) Start the game.

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