Unreal II: The Awakening - Cheatcodes (English)


While playing, press [~] to bring up the console, then type any of the following cheat codes:

BeMyMonkey()Activate Cheat Mode
God()God Mode
Stat FPSShow FPS
Loaded()All Weapons
AllAmmo()Give Ammo for All Weapons
GodEx(X)God Mode for Given Actor
Phoenix()Phoenix Powersuit
SloMo(#)Slow Motion
SetJumpZ(#)Set Jump Height
FearMe()Enemy Fears You
Fly()Fly Mode
Ghost()Ghost Mode
Amphibious()Underwater Mode
Walk()Walk Mode
ToggleInfiniteAmmo()Unlimited Ammo
ToggleReloads()Toggle Reloads
ToggleInvisibility()Toggle Invisibility
Teleport()Teleport to Spot Looking At
NextLevel()Level Skip
Open(X)Open Map X
ToggleSpeed()Double Speed
SetSpeed(#)Set Player Speed
ChangeSize(#)Change Player Size
Goodies(#,#)Summon Goodies
Sum(X)Summon Item X
Actors()Actor List
SetMyHealth(#)Set Health to #
ManCannon(#)Give All Visible Pawns Damage
Difficulty(#)Change Game Difficulty
ToggleTimeDemo()Enable Time Demo
EnableFreeOrders(0/1)Toggle Free Orders
BehindView()Toggle Behind View
FreeCamera(0/1)Toggle Free Camera Movement
SetCameraDist(#)Set Camera Distance
ToggleHUD()Toggle HUD
ToggleFreezeView()Toggle Freeze View
PO()Toggle Players Only
GibHitNPC()Gib NPC Under the Crosshair
GibAllNPCS()Gib All NPCs
KillDormantNPCS()Kill all Dormant NPCs
KillActiveNPCS()Kill All Active NPCs
KillHitNPC()Kill NPC Under Crosshair
KillHitActor()Kill Actor Under Crosshair
SetEyeHeight()Set Player Eye Height
ToggleRMode()Toggle RMode
ToggleShowKPs()Show All Keypoints
ToggleShowAll()Show All Hidden Actors
SetWeaponFire(0/1)Toggle Weapon Firing
SetWeaponTick(0/1)Toggle Weapon Tick Code
ToggleImpacts()Toggle Impacts
SetParticleDensity(#)Set Particle Density
ToggleScoreBoard()Toggle Score Board
ViewSelf()Target Camera on Player
CheatView(X)See Actor X's View
ShowTeams()Show Player Teams
ToggleServos()Toggle Animation Servos
SetHealth(#,Target)Set Health to # for Target
DamageNPCs(#)Damage NPCs By #
Damage(#, Target)Damage Target by #
GotoActor(Name)Change Location to Given Actor
TogglePawnInvulnerability(P)God Mode on Given Pawn
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