Dragon's Dogma


Патчи Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen "Update 1, 2"


Update 1:

  • Added 1366x768 resolution support
  • Game should no longer have intermittent controller device detection issues when multiple devices are plugged in. This should address some of the stutter and input issues reported by users including spell/charge attacks not releasing, character ceasing to run etc.
  • Lantern binding issue - When full lantern becomes half-full, it will still be bound to the hotkey. (previously "half full" and "empty" were treated as separate inventory items)
  • Cursed King's Belt - equipping this item on a male character will no longer crash the game
  • Adjusted audio levels – addressed the ‘audio too low’ issue some users encountered
  • VSync set to OFF by default
  • DirectInput controller adjustments:
    • Deadzone for each pad is now stored and configurable via config.ini
    • DualShock 4 on PC will now have the same deadzone sensitivity as on PS4
    • Other DirectInput gamepads will also have a much tighter deadzone as well (the same accuracy/sensitivity as on X360 gamepad)
  • Game logo in Photo Mode – removed artifact on the right edge of the logo watermark.
  • Refresh rate settings – the game will now properly detect the refresh rate set in config.ini
  • Key bindings – mapped “0” as the 'center camera' button.
  • End game credits crashing the game for some users – while this issue could not be reproduced, some changes have been made which should help reduce or eliminate the issue.

Update 2:

  • Minimized popping/crackling sound for some users
  • Infinite loading screen if the user has too many Friend Pawns
  • Tweaked analog stick dead zone sensitivity for DirectInput controllers.


  • Скопировать файлы в корень установленной игры (пример: ''D:\ Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen"), Update.1.exe, Update.2.exe
  • Запустить файл "Update.1.exe"(затем Update.2.exe), выбрать нужную папку, и нажать Install(установить), дождаться окончания установки...
  • Скопировать все остальные файлы из архива в корень установленной игры(пример ''D:\Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arise", иначе игра попросту не запустится), запустить и играть.
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