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Fallout 4 10.11.2015

Fallout 4 "Configuration Tool v1.2.9.1211 - By Bilago"

Основные возможности:

  • Изменение поля зрения (от первого лица, третьего лица, при прицеливании от третьего лица (3rd Person ADS))
  • Изменение ускорения мыши
  • Отключение ограничителя кадров
  • Включение поддержки геймпада
  • Настройка чувствительности геймпада
  • Отключение вступительных видеороликов
  • Изменение чувствительности мыши
  • Изменение разрешения
  • Включение режима "без рамки"
  • Возможность сделать атрибут "только для чтения" для измененных INI-файлов
  • Включение консоли разработчика
  • Изменение цветов Пип-боя
  • Изменение цветов V.A.T.S.
  • Изменение цветов игрового интерфейса
  • Kodix's FPS Boost удалён и заменён на iNumHWThreads
  • Отключение крови
  • Включение высокого приоритета процессора
  • Включение глубины резкости и эффекта "Боке"
  • Твикер разрешения теней
  • Твикер дальности прорисовки теней
  • Твикер уровня детализации теней
  • Включение поддержки папок мода
  • Твикер uGridsToLoad
  • Настройки сглаживания
  • Настройки анизотропной фильтрации
  • Твикер солнечных лучей
  • Автоматически выполняемые консольные команды при запуске!
  • Твикер мипмаппинга
  • Настройка плотности травы
  • Множитель подгрузки текстур


Fixed a bug that would turn on PipboyDisableFX without a user pressing it. Turn this off if your pipboy is white! (Located in UI tab)

Added Show Tutorials toggle

Added Companion warping Enable/disable

Added a 'Take all' minimum option (sets how many of one item must be in a container before it asks you if you want to take all.

Added an 'open books' delay tweak to allow you to set how long it takes for a book to open. (Gameplay Tab)


Added bPipboyDisableFX in UI

Added bBorderRegionsEnabled in Gameplay (World Borders)


Added Workshop snap grid setting to Gameplay tab

Reworked third person camera so you can reset it to vanilla properly but still edit some of the settings

Moved the 'add...' button for auto Execute back near the auto execute button


Deleted v 1.2.4.x as it had settings that would cause third person camera issues

Fixed Third person camera to work as expected, pressing "Use Vanilla Settings" will now truly use vanilla settings. Sorry for any inconvenience


[New Features]
Edit Plugins.Txt button
Main menu Music toggle (Tweaks Tab)
Pipboy brightness Emit/Difuse (UI Tab)
Power Armor Pipboy Brightness Emit/Defuse (UI Tab)
VATS Distance Range (Gameplay Tab)
Crosshair opacity (Gameplay Tab)
new Camera Tab (Moved FOV to this location)

3rd Person Camera Location: (Camera Tab)
* Vanity Min/Max
* Pitch Distance
* Mouse Zoom Speed/Increments
* Melee XYZ Camera location
* NonMelee XYZ Camera location
* Holstered XYZ Camera location

Fixed a bug where the ini files would remain writable after pressing Edit INI's Directly.


Added "Exit Power Armor" delay tweak under [Gameplay]

Have a great new year! See you in 2016!


Removed Fallout4Prefs_Custom.ini as some users reported this causing a conflict. Use Cleanup INI (in Settings) to remove.

Added a check to "Play Game" that will prevent a user from launching "Fallout4Launcher.exe" as that will just create a launch loop.

Added Input Delay Customization for the following [Under Gameplay]:
* Enter Workshop
* Pipboy Flashlight
* Throw Grenade
* Pickup Object

Added Decal Customization for the following [Under Textures/Decals]:
* Enable Decals
* Enable Skinned Decals
* Max Decals
* Max Skin Decals
* Max Actor Decals
* Max Decals per Frame
* Decal Lifetime
* Decal LOD


Fixed wrong tooltip info

Separated fSunShadowUpdateTime and fSunUpdateThreshold

Fixed an issue where pressing Clean INI would revert some settings


Added Sun Shadow Update rate (Performance Tab> Shadows)

Updated the recommended Texture Loading Values. Press "recommended" to update your values! (Textures tab)

Removed a bogus INI setting added by Bethesda (go to Settings Tab > Cleanup INI)


Hotfix to resolve a crash when a user opened and closed the settings screen while using this as a steam launcher replacement


[New Features]
uExteriorCellBuffer is now editable
RadialBlur is now editable
Texture Loading (pop in) is now editable
Ability to increase/decrease Tooltip notifications
Ability to Overwrite the Fallout4Prefs.ini file in your game directory (will help those who cant get the game to change)

Fixed an issue where the wrong settings were being written to the wrong custom ini file
Fixed an issue where Antialiasing wasn't writing to the right config file
Fixed an issue where one of the custom cfg files were not being set to read only
Removed fDefaultFOV from being set


Added InvalidateOlderFiles toggle (Main > Invalidate Archives)


Quick hotfix for Advanced Tweaker not writing to the correct INI file for some setting

Quick Fix for a button showing the wrong description text


AI Use Ammo toggle
Show NPC HealthBar toggle
NPC Shadows Toggle
Water Reflection Toggle
Gamepad Rumble toggle
Gamepad invert Y axis toggle
Blood Splatter toggle
Skip the ConfigTool And/Or Custom Steam launcher by adding /autostart to the commandline arguments via shortcut or in steam properties for fallout 4.

Reworked the Advanced tweaker! No longer a dangerous WIP and relatively safe. Still proceed with caution!
Now only shows 100% valid Fallout4 ini settings with their proper paths.
Added descriptions for all settings I know, and added community submitted descriptions
Now has a delete setting option

Fixed a issue where the start up binary would revert to fallout4.exe unexpectedly
Turned off Debug mode that was accidentally left on
Removed Gamepad acceleration fix for now as it reportedly didn't do anything.


Added a Gamepad acceleration fix (BETA, untested)

Relaxed the administrative check for systems who should have admin rights but are not being granted permission to perform administrative functions.


[New Features]
Ability to revert from profile mode to vanilla mode (steam launcher replacement)
Added Admin checking before admin only actions (registry/programs folder access)
All Fallout4.ini tweaks are mirrored in Fallout4Custom.ini
All Fallout4Prefs.ini tweaks are now mirrored in Fallout4Prefs_Custom.ini

Fixed an issue where an upgrade to new version of the steam launcher would fail
Fixed an issue where Volumetric Lighting was enabled but the godrays button was greyed out

Added quite a few new INI cleanup lines for no longer needed stuff. You will be prompted once the first time you try to save your config to perform the cleanup.
Misc UI Tweaks


Quick fix if a user sets an LOD to 0 it would give an error saying a textbox was blank

Added Texbox name to the error message for easier troubleshooting


[New Features]
Added the following LOD tweaks:
* Objects
* Items
* Actors

Ambient Occlusion Added
Wetness Material Added
Rain occlusion Added
Lens Flare Added
Motion Blur Added
Screenspace Reflection added

Removed Grass settings that were pointless
Moved Grass LOD to the new LOD section with a slider
Moved around a few controls in the UI
Renamed Godrays to Volumetric Lighting
Renamed Nvidia Rays to GodRays

Various Tooltip modifications/fixes


Fixed an issue where a user changing the resolution options in the original launcher would conflict with the settings in the config tool

Reverted Shadow Resolution back to a custom text box as it seems many people are using custom settings instead of intervals of 1024

[New Features]
Now you can turn on Godrays but still have NVidias Rays turned off
3 new Grass settings added:
Fade Max
Fade Min
Fade Start

SkyCell Fade added

New Audio Tab added with controls for:


Added cleanup for f1rdPersonAimFOV

Fixed an issue where "Auto Execute" would un-toggle when pressing "Add.."


fixed "fix ADS FOV" to now change f3rdPersonAimFOV instead of f1rdPersonAimFOV

[New Features]
Added INI's for each profile so different users can use different settings.
Added the ability to auto execute console commands upon startup of the game
Added HUD Opacity to the UI tab
Added two new themes, Dark 2 and Light 2. These let you hover over options and it will display a checkbox for more clarity on if its enabled or not
Added a Fullscreen button under resolution, so if you deselect borderless and deselect fullscreen you will get traditional windowed mode.

uGrids is now a drop down selection of just odd numbers
Shadow Resolution is now a drop down selection with intervals of 1024
Removed the profile feature for those who have partions that don't support Hardlinks (Any filesystem that isn't NTFS)

Fixed PowerArmor Color selection to allow -1 as a value to disable


Reworked the Steam Launcher Replacement

Added the ability to change the background image of the launcher

Fixed an issue for high DPI users on windows 7

Added option to hide the success button when pressing save


Added a new Theme selector. Currently Dark (Default) and Light, for those having troubles reading the dark theme.
Added Texture Pop-in multiplier to easily change the texture pop in distances

Fixed an issue where high DPI win 7 users may have a messed up tab navigation bar
Fixed Anti aliasing defaulting to TAA when disabled
Moved Vsync to Performance Tab and made it a drop down for those who want to choose 2 for iPresentInterval


Changed ranged values to dropdown boxes

Fixed a typo in settings

Added AA setting

Added Anistropic filter setting

Fixed Mipmap not being able to be toggled to -1


Fixed an issue where a user cant put decimals in the power Armor Text field

Fixed an issue for users who use commas for decimal separators instead of the period


Fixed a few boxes not sizing correctly to fit entire values

Changed the UI layout

Various other UI tweaks not important enough to list out

Fixed a few tooltip items


Reskinned to Metro Theme

Added Color Pickers for the UI tab


Added a new Gameplay tab
Added Dialogue Subtitle toggle
Added General Subtitle toggle
Added Dialogue Cmaera toggle
added Crosshair Toggle
Added Pipboy companion toggle
Added Floating quest marker toggle
Added Show quest marker toggle
Added Run by default toggle
Added a text box to type in mod folders (sResourceDataDirsFinal)
Added a God Rays quality input box (-1 turns godrays off Completely now!!)
Added a "Play Game" customizable option in setting,for those who want the "Play Game" button to start up a different executable than Fallout4.exe
Added more tooltip descriptions

Fixed icon not showing up for Steam launcher replacement
Fixed Window name showing incorrectly for steam launcher replacement
Fixed an issue where borderless may be showing checked or unchecked when it shouldn't be
Changed the PA UI color to edit fModMenuEffectColor since the other value had no effect on the game. Set it to -1 to revert to vanilla colors for Power Armor


Added pipboy x and y resolution tweaking to the UI tab

Fixed a typo in a tool tip

Added a new feature to the Steam Launcher replacement that lets you toggle between multiple Save profiles (for those who want multiple characters or if more than one person plays on the same pc)

Added some additional errorchecking to the Steam Replacement launcher


Added ability to set the game to not pause when alt tabbed
Added f1rdPersonAimFOV tweaking, lets you disable the fov zoom in when aiming down the sights
Added some more tooltip descriptions

Changed Mipmap Fix to let the user put in a value themselves.
Changing uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip from 0 to 100 for no intro fix


Hotfix to write the new Mouse sensitivity fix to the FO4Custom ini log as well


Fixed an issue where the wrong color was showing in the Color preview screen

Added a Fix for the mouse sensitivity. Make sure to revert back to default Y and X values and Set ADS to 0 if you use this fix.

Added a "All NPC's Killable" option. Please read the warning popup that's included if you check it.


Fixed a potential crash when pressing Play game

Added Difficulty Selection


Hotfix to address resolution issues for some users. No matter what setting I used someone complained so I just added checkboxes for the user to configure themselves


Fixed Shadow Resolution showing the wrong value as the initial value before editing
Fixed MipMap tooltip description
Various minor stability fixes
Tweaked a few tooltip descriptions
Fixed an issue where pressing "Play Game" wouldn't start the game

Added iMinGrassSize
Added a color Preview button for the UI Tab


Tweaked the borderless setting to allow exclusive fullscreen and non stretched windowed borderless
Added MipMap Fix in Performance tab
Added Hud safezone tweaks to colors tab
Fixed the Bestheda typo in the INI for safezones
Removed the [Interface] FOV tweaks to fix lighting
Fixed the Play button not starting the game for some users


Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't launch for some users via my launcher

Fixed a bug where the edit launcher settings would open the new config tool not the vanilla


Added in code to auto upgrade users who set this as their steam launcher

added some error checking to help people with problems launching this software.

Fixed tooltip text on new buttons


Added a brand new Launcher replacement option

Added Pipboy scanlines enable/disable

Fixed max particles tooltip


Added checkbox to quit the config tool when Play Game is pressed


Fixed a bug with shadow resolution reverting to default

Added particle effect count


Added Mod Support sResourceDataDirsFinal
Added more lines for disabling the intro video to help the few users who still see it for some reason
Added Shadow Resolution and Draw distance options in the Performance tab
Added uGridsToLoad to the performance tab
Added the Misc tab back as 'Color' Tab
Added HUD color changing to Color tab
Added a cleanup INI button in settings to clean up old features that were implemented by this tool and then removed for various reasons
Added a "Play game" Button that will start the game via steam for you automatically and bypass the launcher

Fixed an issue where the ini would set to read only on first launch before you even edited any settings
Fixed Borderless mode to have the correct values
Renamed Framerate lock to Vsync Lock
Fixed Borderless showing the wrong checked state
Tweaked a few tooltips to be more descriptive
Fixed crash error messages to indicate possible resolutions to the crash


Fixed issue where the config tool was asking for registry access when it wasn't even trying to change a setting in the registry. (Registry access is only needed for the CPU High Priority tweak)


Added an experimental Advanced Tweaker option for power users. Data is VERY limited and will take time to add descriptions. Please let me know if you want to help me with those!

Fixed another issue with Disabling the intro video


Moved around the options to be a bit more organized
Dropped the Pipboy/vats color tab as the settings in game are easier to use
Removed the Kodix FPS boost and replaced it with just iNumHWThreads.
Display the PC's core count in the app to save user time when setting Threads
Added High CPU priority tweak which sets information in the registry to always execute fallout4.exe with HIGH cpu priority.
Added Toggles for DOF and Bokek
Added a button to edit INI's directly. This opens all your config files in your default text editor with write access.
Modified some tool tips to be more descriptive.


Hotfix to fix an issue where Resolution changes in the launcher werent updating in the Config tool


Re-wrote internal code from scratch for significantly easier additions
reworked the FOV feature, now works more reliably
reworked the no intro fix, as the latest update broke the current implementation


Added an option to launch the fallout4 launcher to edit settings (toggles the ini files off read only while its open)
Fixed GodRays to actually work
Added ShowCompass
Added Autosave Interval tweaking
split FOV into two settings
Added an INI backup restoration option in settings


Fixed a bug where it would say the Game Directory was not found when this exe is in your game directory


Added core detection for kotix tweak

Fixed a bug left from debugging


Added God Ray Toggle
Added Kodix FPS boost (multiple ini additions)
Added disable gore option
Added Pip boy color tweaks
Added VATS color tweaks
Added Gamepad sensitivity


Removed Mouse Smoothing option as it was locking a graphics setting

Added Dev Console Support

Added a Settings tab for those having issues finding the game directory

Added a read-only toggle for those who dont want the ini set to read only

Removed the program INI and store everything via user.settings in appdata

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deeppurple1968 Дело такое,в версии помладше лично у меня криво работал Фов от первого лица.То есть он менялся, ближе дальше, но вот оружие в руке "не вытягивалось" .


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Такая проблемс, настроил поиграл не понравилось, решил удалить INI, сбрил, захожу в игру а худ так же измененный, fov изменен, и все по старому, хоть конфиги удалил и в лаунчере чистые создались что за чудеса? удалил из игры INI шники , перехешировал сного тоже самое)))) не смешно


metalfoxxx В этой утилите есть восстановление ini конфигов, не пробовал?


А что делать если файл не отвечает при запуске? xDDD p.s. даже выше версия


Полезная штука, спасибо!

П.С.: вышла новая версия (


Ещё бы фикс для отображения замка в разрешении 1024х768


FireFox не грузит - блокирует загрузку: "Этот файл содержит вирус или другую вредоносную программу, которая причинит вред вашему компьютеру."