The Guild 2


Патч Guild 2 v4.15-4.164b


Полезный бета-патч.

Список изменений после версии 4.15:

Patch 4.164b - released on 26.10.2010
- Changing building names
- It's now possible to choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 years per round.
- Fixed the bug with the additional stock slots at the crypt and the bankhouse

Patch 4.163b - released on 15.10.2010
- AI now buys windmills and orchards on all maps
- Fixed the missing icon when demanding ransoms
- Added the one-year-per-round-option for MP also

Patch 4.162b - released on 25.09.2010
- Sick people don't visit hospitals that can't cure their illness because the building level is too low anymore
- AI patients leave the hospital after not being treated for 3 hours
- AI patients sit down if a place on a bank gets free
- Reworked the medicus script a bit more
- Cutscenes for trials and office-sessions now start automatically if the camera is in the room
- AI Characters are no longer beamed into the townhall if they don't manage to attend a trial in time
- New measure for listing all buildings for sale added to the townhall

Patch 4.161b - released on 12.09.2010
- Medicus AI reacts on amount of sick people and produces the needed medicine
- Chances for plague decreased again in early game
- Fixed the fame exploit when buying a nobility title
- Allied worker don't join fights anymore
- Sermons bring XP now

Patch 4.16b - released on 06.09.2010
- Combs/Wooden pins/Fittings problem solved
- Combs can be produced in the high-level joinery
- Mill doesn't stop production when resources are low
- Mushrooms are also available in Vienna now
- Stonelilies are also available in Transylvania now

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