Патч Loki v1.0.6.0


-Оптимизация использования памяти
-Устранены косяки со спелами Египтян
-Исправлены спелы греков
-Исправлены проблемы со скоростью атаки
-Исправлен исчезающий портал у ацтеков
-Исправлена проблема со стрелами в квесте "Trip through the underworld" и "The trip of the deads"
- Memory optimisation when zoning
- Fixed stuck issues with some Egyptian spells
- Fixed Poison Application and Ice Application Greek skills which didn't apply any state
- Fixed various problems with the attack speed modifier.
- Fixed the missing portal in the Delta of Tabasco area in the Aztec world.
- Fixed a problem where the arrow for the quest "Trip through the underworld" was not correctly shown after the "Way to Hell" area
- Fixed a problem where the arrow for the quest "The trip of the deads" was not correctly shown when we came back to talk to Charon.

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