Romulan Playground (EF2)


Romulan Playground (CTF_VOR2) (версия 1.1)


Скопируйте файл ctf_vor2.pk3 в корневой каталог с установленной игрой EF2ase.


Начните обычную игру в режиме CTF или HM и выбирайте из списка доступных карт, карту 'Romulan Playground'.

Credits: Ritual for making the game. No additional textures or models were used, also no beta testers or suggestions. I was on my own with this one....I hope its not broke :|

Have Fun!!!

Darren "Vorax" Pye

Legal crap:
Do not do anything with this map such as decompile it or try to make money from it by selling it or including it on a CD of things and then selling the CD. If you do so, I will sue your ass! etc...etc.

It might blow up your computer, I really don't know. I hope not, but if it does, I am not taking responsibility. You have been warned.

Not much of a readme...I am tired and wanted to get the map out. =)

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