Trainz 2004 v668 to v2035 SP1


Welcome to the Service Pack 1 - Steam Update!
Please choose the version of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 you wish to update.


- Auran Online Sales
- Australia
- New Zealand
- Train and hobby shows (including USA, UK etc)
- USA and Canada hobby stores only


- USA and Canada game retail stores (EB, CompUSA etc)

Detailed Feature List:

- New Hotkeys for firebox doors, operating regulator, cut-off, injectors and

SP1 provides the following additional keyboard functionality:

Firebox doors open/close KP 1, KP End
Regulator open W, Full stop, KP 8, KP up
Regulator close S, Slash, KP 2, KP down
Reverser forward F, KP Star
Reverser reverse R, KP Slash
Injector increase I
Injector decrease O
Blower increase N
Blower decrease Shift N

(Please note: KP = Keypad located on the right of your keyboard)

- Major improvements to steam physics

* Steam locos function more prototypically.
+ Locomotives can be left on standby with their resources being consumed at
a prototypical rate. The rates of coal, water and steam consumption have been
reduced when a loco is unattended.
+ In Cab Mode, consumption of coal, water and steam is more prototypical during
+ Top speeds have been checked against available prototypical data and corrected
for all steam engines.

- New cab interiors for Mallard and Flying Scotsman

* Based on research carried out at the National Railway Museum in York.
* Highly representative of Gresley's cab interior characteristics taking into
account changes over time.

- Loading & caching optimizations

* Layout's now load on average 10 to 30% faster.

- AI trains no longer prefer driving left [INLINE]

* Trains using the 'Drive' command previously always took the left route at
junctions where possible. Now they proceed through the junction without changing
it if the track ahead is clear. If the track ahead is blocked, a more appropriate
track will be chosen.

- Scenery objects animating correctly

* This includes objects such as windmills, balloons, etc.

- Scenario scripts can be encrypted using the supplied encryption program.

* This enables the protection of 3rd party script development.

- Individual Driver Orders can be deleted

* Simply hold control and click on any visible order to remove unwanted instructions.

- Trainz Download Helper improvements (Lots of thanks to the Trainz Community
for their many suggestions)

* Trainz Download Helper now supports saving backup copies of CDP archives
to a path that you specify.
* Trainz Download Helper and the integrated Trainz Exchange supports resume
of downloads allowing you to continue installing after an interrupted download.
* Trainz Download Helper supports Ultimate Trainz Collection.

- Better handling of duplicate KUIDs

* When custom content is installed that duplicates Auran supplied TRS2004 content,
TRS2004 will move the duplicate content to a 'removed content' folder.
* When multiple copies of the same custom content are installed, TRS2004 will
choose a single version of the content and ignore the others.

- Download Station Enhancements

* KUID2 formatted content can obsolete KUID formatted content.
* Uploaded Content can be set as invisible on the Download Station but able
to be downloaded via the Download Helper application.
* The following unpublicized Download Station enhancements are available now.
+ Content is available on the Download Station and downloadable via the Trainz
Download Helper.
+ Content can be linked to a third party website for downloading and is downloadable
via the Trainz Download Helper.

Additional steam particle effects.

While we were hoping to include an improved particle effects system, this has
been delayed as we were not yet happy with the level of resources required to
run the system adequately.

Auran are comitted to continually improving and expanding the Trainz product
range and we shall endevour to include these improved and updated systems in
the near future. Please visit our website to check for further updates and new
products or downloads.

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