Championship Manager 2007


Обновление для Championship Manager 2007:

Player and staff data updated up to the close of the January 2007 transfer window.

Added FA Cup Second and Third qualifying rounds. These are regionalised rounds and teams are split into northern and southern sections.

Updated Paint competition so that teams are sub divided into four regional sections for round one – Northern (west), Northern (east), Southern (west) and Southern (east) with 16 byes consisting of 8 teams from the northern section and 8 teams from the southern section.

Improved goalkeeper recognition when receiving a back pass, resulting in more realistic goalkeeper behaviour.

Improved player dribbling ensuring players with better dribbling skill are more effective when taking players on.

Improved clearances ensuring players now consider the direction of the clearances much better and therefore effectively decreasing the number of corners conceded.

Mass Brawls – The Referee will now issue multiple cards in the event of a mass brawl.

Team Talk 100% condition issue has now been resolved, so giving certain talks will no longer allow players to maintain a 100% condition rating.

Improved goalkeeper position at corner kicks. They will now seek to gain a more intelligent position therefore giving them an increased success rate of making saves, catches or punches from corners.

The following crash bugs have been addressed:

The user was being sent a domestic transfer email when in charge of a national side only

Mismatch of parameter types when creating an email

Team was entered twice into a European competition due to the rescheduling of a fixture in another competition

Contract renewal offer was processed after a manager had left the club

User was sacked while a contract expiry message was being processed

A message about a retired player, which needed a response, was not deleted

New data had caused incorrect storage estimates to be made

Game crashes when entering the pre-match team talk screen

Crash when giving and quickly taking back charge of the first team from assistant manager

Forum bug - Crash when cancelling transfer whilst player is awaiting work permit

Crash when confirming changes on training schedule and create plan screens

Playthrough crash when returning to Team Talks screen using the Continue/Team Talks button before a match

Crash - Caused by Subs and position changes.

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