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Heroes of Might and Magic 1995 г.

Heroes of Might & Magic: Hint (English)

Necromancer guide by

Lord Zero(Lord_0@yahoo.com)



1.-File history.


3.-The Necromancer:Highs,Lows and Bottom line.

4.-The Necromancer Units.

5.-Skills that need to be tagged.

6.-Magics that need to be casted.

7.-Worst enemy.


9.-Legal Sutff.


File History:

1.0 start of the file.Everything I expected is up.



So,Heroes of Might and Magic is one of the best games out there and no one

is bored enough to make a faq just for the Kingdom they prefer?

I am.I chose Necromancer,and probably I+ll make another for the warlocks.I

like evil ones.Ok,Barbarians units suck a big time but Necromacers and

Warlocks are cool.I+m making Faqs for every game I like,cause I don+t have

anything else to do in my free time(besides Playing Pokemon)and I feel like

I+m actually helping someone when I write a Faq.

Other Faqs by me:Spanish ones:Pokemon,Pokemon Yellow and FFV.

English ones:Starcraft,Doom II,and this one.

6 Faqs is a good number,right?I+ll make another one for Bare knucles II

and III,but I wonder if the guy in Gamefaqs will just freak out because I+m

making too much Faqs and he already has a lot of work.

Whatever,I proudly Present to you my lastest Faq yet:


The Necromancers:

Highs:No Morale problems,strong and cheap units,quite powerful in magic,

Vampires give a great advantage in med Game.

Lows:No morale help,no a ultra great ultimate unit,kinda weak at defense,you

can+t build a tavern,so you are going to lose some comments.

Bottom Line:Powerful,they can stand against whatever it comes.


The Necromancer Units:all these units are undead,so Morale can+t affect

them.Plus,Besides the differents alignements penalty for other units,there+s

another-1 penalty"Some undead in the group".As you see,they are not much


Skeletons:On the long game these units are wonderful.They are quite strong,

and if they strike first,the can make your army the winner.It+s not strange

to see more than 400 skeletons,cause NEcromancy will give you skeletons.



Zombies/mutant Zombies:These are good units,but you must upgrade them as fast

as you can.However,they never made the exagerated damage the Skeletons can,

but are far more resistant.It+s one of the more useful units,but not the best

Keep it with your Liches.



Mummies/Royal Mummies:Like Zombies,they will never do such an exagerated

damages,but are really fast and Royal mummies can inflict Curse.Really good

unit.They can give you the first strike,but remember you should be defensive.



Vampires/Vampires lords:These are GREAT units!Quite expensives,but is worth

the money.Vampre lords can even suck life from enemies!However,you can never

get more vampires,so if you start the battle with 90 Vampires,you can suck

life till 90,so If your vampires aren+t killed,this doesn+t work.

Attribute:Flying,Suck Life.


Liches/Power Liches:Another good unit.They are really weak,even if they have

such a high defense rating,but they are destructive and can hurt more than

one unit at time.Power Liches don+t hurt your own Undead.Protect them with


Attribute:Splash damage.


Skeleton Dragon:Good unit,but it+s kinda weak to send it to face big daddy

units like red dragons and Titans.However,they work with Ciclops and Phoenix.




Skills that need to be learned:

NEcromancy:Well,duh...The more skeletons you have,the more chances you have

to win...

Wisdom:Well,duh again...Necromancers tend to have a little problem in

learning this skill,so pick it whenever you can.

Luck:Because the undead can+t be affected by morale,so you+re going to need

another asset to help you.Luck is really effective with Liches.

Estates:Liches and Vampires are quite expensives,and any extra boost can+t

hurt you.


Magic that need to be casted:

Bloodlust:Use this to make your Liches and Vampires killing machines.This

should be casted as fast as you can.

Haste and Mass haste:If you wanna drive anyone mad,these spells will give

Liches an Ultra-fast stat,so you can wipe out those Phoenix before they can

make a dent on your units.

DEATH WAVE:Well,Duh...


Worst enemy:

DRAGONS:Red,green,black or whatever,they are inmune to magic,and though

Vampires can actually kill em,they leave you on your own,cause Necromancers

are quite dependant in magic.Warlocks are their worst enemy.




-New world Computing for making this game and not a RTS one like C&C.



Lord Zero

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