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25.08.2016 10:00
Обновление 4.1 вступит в силу 25 августа на всех платформах.
Уменьшен радиус действия датчика пульса; оперативник больше не может быстро сменить устройство.
В рамках прошлого обновления мы внесли изменения, благодаря которым использовать датчик пульса стало намного удобнее. Частота обновления устройства также была увеличена, и вкупе с возможностью быстро сменять девайс на основное оружие оперативник оказался слишком сильным, что подтверждается игровой статистикой и отзывами сообщества. В связи с этим будут внесены следующие исправления:
Радиус действия датчика пульса составит 9 метров (ранее – 13 метров).
Игрок больше не сможет быстро сменить устройство на ранее использованное оружие, нажав соответствующую клавишу/кнопку. Задержка выполнения этого действия увеличится на 0,8 секунды (ранее – 0,4 секунды, теперь – 1,2 секунды).
Эффективность полуавтоматических дробовиков при стрельбе на дальней дистанции будет снижена.
Исходя из полученных нами данных и комментариев пользователей и игроков профессиональной лиги, мы решили произвести отладку баланса для полуавтоматических дробовиков. В обновлении 4.1 вступят в силу следующие изменения:
Базовый урон, наносимый на короткой и средней дистанции, снизится примерно на 25–30%.
При стрельбе навскидку и в режиме с использованием прицела угол разброса увеличится на 1,5 градуса (примерно на 10%), что позволит снизить кучность.
Наша цель – повысить эффективность стрельбы из дробовиков на короткой дистанции и снизить ее при использовании этого вида оружия на средней и длинной дистанциях. Эти изменения должны стать заметнее в рамках игрового процесса: на длинной дистанции будет сложнее предугадать точность попадания.
Изменения вступят в силу для следующих видов оружия:
SPAS-12 – Valkyrie
SPAS-15 – Caveira
Super90 – Frost
M1014 – Pulse, Thermite и Castle
Для получения подробной информации об улучшениях и исправлениях обратитесь к полному описанию обновления.
Patch 4.1 will be deployed on August 25th for all platforms.
Translated versions of these patch notes will be published as quickly as possible.

Pulse Rebalancing
Reduced range for Pulse’s gadget, and he can no longer quick swap out of his gadget.
The previous update that we did on Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor not only made it more comfortable to use, but it also made him stronger since the frequency of the heartbeat detection updates became higher. Combined with the fact that it was possible to switch extremely fast from the Heartbeat Sensor to the main gun, this made him too strong – our gameplay stats and the community feedback made that very clear. As a consequence, we have opted to tweak him as follows:
Detection range of Pulse’s Heartbeat Sensor is reduced from 13m to 9m.
Pulse will no longer be able to instantly switch from his Heartbeat Sensor to his previously equipped weapon by pressing the weapon switch button. This means the delay before the player can shoot will increase by 0.8 seconds (from roughly 0.4s increased to 1.2s).

Semi-Auto Shotgun Balancing
Semi-automatic shotguns will be getting a few tweaks to make them less powerful at longer range.
Based on the data we collected and feedback from the community and Pro League players, we have opted to balance semi-automatic shotguns. Patch 4.1 will be introducing these changes:
We will be reducing short range and medium range raw damage by approximately 25-30%.
For both hipfire and ADS (Aim Down Sight), we will be making their cones of dispersion wider by 1.5 degrees, which is approximately 10% more than their previous state. This means that there will be a less concentrated dispersion of bullets.

Our intention is to make semi-automatic shotguns carry out incredible damage at short range, but lessen their impact significantly from medium to long range. The damage falloff from the original damage output will now be more noticeable. At longer ranges, the accuracy of the shots will also be harder to predict with precision, as players will have less gradually less control the further away they are from their target.
The shotguns that will be affected are the following:
SPAS-12 – Valkyrie
SPAS-15 – Caveira
Super90 – Frost
M1014 – Pulse, Thermite, & Castle

UI Changes
We've updated the dead Operator indicator by making the icon more transparent and the red 'X' more visible.

Gameplay Fixes
Fixed – Shield Operators movement speed is slower than intended. [They are now back to Season 2 speeds]
Fixed – When the middle beam of a trap door is destroyed, it can no longer be reinforced.
Fixed – When a player falls while rappelling and then climbs a ladder, they will float in the air.
Fixed – Some users found an exploit that would allow them to see through walls.
Fixed – Some Pistols have double the intended amount of recoil when fired while ADS and then switching to hip fire.
Fixed – If two Defenders are outside and one of them goes back inside, the “You are detected” message will disappear.
Fixed – The angled grip is not providing the proper benefit.
Fixed – A destructible wall can become invulnerable if the Attacker is killed while detonating a second Breaching Charge.
Fixed – Players are able to shoot through barricades without causing damage to the barricade.
Fixed – Enemy names can be seen through barricades.
Fixed – A model error occurs behind players that equip a Nitro Cell.

Operator Fixes
All Operators
Fixed – Missing customization menu for PBR92.
Fixed – If an Operator mounts Tachanka’s LMG with a Pistol out, their arms will be near their chest after dismounting.
Fixed – Attackers are not killed when triggering Kapkan’s EDD and Frost’s Welcome Mat at the same time.

Fixed – Exothermic Charge does not destroy a reinforced wall in some instances.
Fixed – Thermites Exothermic Charge can be destroyed through a reinforced hatch.

Fixed – Operators have a broken animation when viewing from 3rd person.
Fixed – Legs, arms, and the top of Blitz’s head are exposed when triggering his gadget.

Fixed – Jager receives twice the intended amount of points for disabling grenades.

Fixed – Some wooden walls require two breaching rounds to destroy.

Fixed – After an Operator is killed by Twitch’s Shock Drone, they are able to see the drone highlighted while in support mode.
Fixed – Shock Drone is no longer available after being revived from a DBNO state and picking up your Shock Drone.

Fixed – DBNO state’s blurred vision disappears when Caveira initiates an interrogation but cancels it.

Fixed – EDD will sometimes not destroy a barricaded door.

Fixed – Enemy players are not killed when Sledge breaches a wall they are standing next to with his Sledgehammer.

Fixed – Welcome Mat texture is floating if it’s placed on a trap door and an attacker gets caught in it.

Fixed – Black Eye Cameras pass through the frame of any window with aluminum shutters.

FBI Recruit
Fixed – FBI Recruit does not have heavy armor equipped.

Level Design Fixes
All Maps
Fixed – Players are able to place Breaching Charges, Cluster Charges, and other gadgets placed on the edge of a reinforced floor hatch.

Fixed – Defenders are able to easily spawn kill Attackers if they spawn in “Parking Front”

Fixed – One spawn location is not localized in some languages, and appears in English.

Club House
Fixed – It is possible to vault on the Library Cabinet in Bar.
Fixed – Severe rubberbanding occurs when a user walks near the hostage in “B Church”.
Fixed – Biker’s flag falls down when the wall between 1F Bar and 1F Central Hallway is reinforced.

Fixed – Sticky Gadgets do not collide with walls in lobby near Dining Room 1F as intended.

Fixed – Operators clip through the ceiling after a vault action over the wardrobe.
Fixed – Operator shields remain present in the air after dying when switching floors in the Caster Cam.
Fixed – Valkyrie’s Black Eye Cameras float when a wall object is destroyed.
Fixed – Attackers are vulnerable to being spawn killed at EXT Rooftops.

Fixed – When clipping through the map with a drone, players are able to see the entire map.

Fixed – The user can shoot through a small gap in-between the unbreakable walls from 3F Poker Room, and 3F Casino.
Fixed – Players are able to vault over an engine in 1F Engine Room and shoot outside.

Game Mode Fixes
Custom Match
Fixed – Tactical Realism is not properly localized in Japanese.
Fixed – Game crashes on Xbox One when completing a Hostage Rescue match alone.
Fixed – Kapkan does not receive points for any actions related to his EDD.

Fixed – “Prevent Revive” appears for both teams if the Attacker is disconnected while rappelling with the hostage.

Fixed – Invisible collision is present when throwing a Black Eye or Nitro Cell at inactive Biohazard container spawns.
Fixed – On Bank, the B Lockers Bomb Zone does not cover the entire room.

Player Experience Fixes
General Fixes
Fixed – Several game crashes were occurring more frequently since Season 3.
Fixed – Some users receive error code [0-0x00001001] during Step 3 of matchmaking.
Fixed – BattlEye service does not automatically start upon the first launch for Steam users.
Fixed – Missing a blending animation when vaulting over an object while ADS.
Fixed – When holding the SMG-11 or FMG-9 next to a wall, Operator’s arms would overlap inside of their body.
Fixed – Slow-motion replay of victims always show a glitchy entity position when an Operator enters a ragdoll state and fall to the ground.
Fixed – Players killed while in a DBNO state will sometimes have their bodies flipped 180°.
Fixed – Some weapon skins are not properly applied to the Para-308.
Fixed – Capitao’s Iron Mask headgear is not unlocking after purchasing.
Fixed – Several charms either appear offset, or do not appear on weapons or shields when viewed from 3rd person.
Fixed – Delay in the receipt of weapon charms after completing some challenges.
Fixed – Coffee cup charm has no collision with several weapons.
Fixed – Assassin’s Creed charm is offset.
Fixed – Attacker/Defender Chibi charm bundle is missing from the shop.

UI Fixes
Fixed – The MVP screen is zoomed in if the player that lands the final kill is ADS.
Fixed – Win/Loss and Kill/Death ratio is not displayed in the main menu.
Fixed – Vertical grip attachment text overlaps with its icon in some languages.
Fixed – Remaining matches for Season Rank Placement does not update in real time.
Fixed – The text describing the game mode overlaps with the user icons in some languages.
Fixed – In Spanish, Czech, Russian, and Latin American clients, the Switch View button overlaps Rotate.
Fixed – Debug text can be noticed while trying to pick up Deployable Shield or Barricade a window.
Fixed – Message displaying “Hold [Interact_button] To Drop the Defuser”.
Fixed – A persistent arrow remains next to the Operator Icon after being revived from a DBNO state.
Fixed – Navigation icons with D-Pad from the scoreboards are confusing.
Fixed – HUD elements remain above an Operator’s head while they are being interrogated by Caveira.
Fixed – When switching players while spectating, Caveira switches from Stealth to a normal stance.

Menu Fixes
Fixed – Inconsistencies between the formatting of the text for certain bundles.
Fixed – Union Jack bundle and Engraved bundle have the same name.
Fixed – The Capacity of the SASG-12 Shotgun is listed as 8.
Fixed – Uplay opens in full screen when attempting to redeem a locked Reward.
Fixed – Ops Icon Charm Bundle does not fit the text area in Japanese.
Fixed – Circle button is shown instead of Right Thumbstick on all tool tips in Japanese.
Fixed – Secondary weapons have a slot for charms in the loadout customization menu.
Fixed – There is no background music on the Operator selection menu, or on the main menu.
Fixed – System notification isn’t shown when creating or accepting an invitation to a local game lobby while Multiplayer privilege is set to Blocked.
Fixed – User remains in infinite loading upon switching profiles.
Fixed – The R6 Credits Expired pop up is displayed after every log in.
Fixed – Club Challenges overlay is missing on the Russian client.

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