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Silent Hill 4: The Room 07.09.2004

Silent Hill 4: The Room Hints (English)

1. Spirit Cleaning Guide

This has been a source of confusion for many people. I have to admit, I still don't fully understand what qualifies as cleaned or not cleaned. So, here's a few tips.

First, always watch the candle burn out completely. The infection may be gone long before the candle burns out, however, if you leave the room, and, more importantly, the apartment before the candle burns out, the infection may come back in that very same spot rather quickly. It is always, always safest to watch the candle burn out with your own eyes.

Secondly, many people, including myself have seen endings that require the apartment to be spirit-free when we knew of a few minor infections left over.

It seems that there is some sort of invisible meter of how infected your

apartment is that you can't cross a certain line of. Again, it's always safest

to check that your apartment is 100% clean, but, even if it's not, try for the

best ending.

Remember, none of the above is definite, and there's no guarantee of results.

2. Ranking System

If you're reading this part, it's probably because you beat the game, and

don't fully understand the post-credits ranking system. Well, allow me to

enlighten you a little. The ranking system works by breaking your game up into categories, assigning each one a maximum value, then checking how close you came to that value. Here are the categories and their values, based on a 100%


Difficulty: Hard

Time: Under 2:00:00

Saves: 0

Continues: 0

Enemies Killed: At least 120

Memos: 52/52

These are the "green" requirements for each category, so called because if you meet any of these, the score for that category will be shown tinted green. If you get even slightly below the requirement for each category, you'll lose points.

The total score is based on the number of stars shown below your ending. Each big star is 10%, and each small star is 1%. Hence, 7 big stars and 2 small stars is 72%. Obviously, the highest possible score is 10 big stars, 100%. If you do manage to get 100%, your star count will be tinted green as well. It should be noted that there are actually 102 points possible, so not getting quite green on one or two categories could still result in a 100% rank.

3. Secrets

A. Alternate Eileen Costume

This is a really odd requirement, but I will try to explain. First you must

beat the game with a specific ending (believed to be [Companion's Name]'s

Death or Escape). Then, start a new game from your clear file. When you get to the apartments revisited, go to Eileen's room (Room 303). You will see an item called Nurse's Outfit. Once you have that, continue playing the game as normal.

When it comes time to beat the game, take the outfit item with you to the last boss. Again you must get a certain ending (I believe one where your companion lives is what you need). If you got that right, your next new game from that clear file should have an option of Eileen's costume, right after difficulty selection.

B. Alternate Cynthia Costume

If you've gotten the Eileen costume listed above, and have all four endings on one clear file, there will be a second alternate costume listed at the costume selection menu. This one affects both Eileen and Cynthia.

C. Chainsaw

After beating the game once with any ending, a chainsaw will appear in one of the first rooms of the forest. It's a surprisingly ineffective melee weapon.

D. Companion's Submachine Gun

If you have a 90% or better completion rating, your ending text from the save file will be in a different color. This means you can get a submachine gun for your companion in Room 102 of the apartments the first time through. It's quite powerful, but it's really not worth it, as it injures her spontaneously.

E. One Weapon Mode

If you get a 100% ranking, your save file will change colors yet again. This

allows you, when choosing a difficulty mode, to press right, which changes the selector to red. Selecting a difficulty in red puts you in One Weapon mode. In this mode, you will find that at the beginning of the subway the first time through, every weapon (except the handgun) will be laid out on the ground.

When you take one, the rest will disappear. This means you must beat the game using only the weapon you chose and the handgun, which you will find in the normal spot.

F. Apartment Replenish Mode

If you beat One Weapon mode with 100%, you can select difficulty to the left as well, in green. This has the same weapon lineup as One Weapon mode, but you can take as many as you want. Also, there are now ten health drinks in your refridgerator and six cases of handgun ammo in the laundry room every single time you come back to your room.

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